Glenburnie Livestock Report 13/12/17

Christmas Markets

Last Market will be Monday 18th December 2017

Markets Resume 9am Wednesday 3rd January 2018 

Very hot conditions created a much larger yarding of 1962 cattle.  Quality was generally very good in all classes.  Prices varied across the classes with heavy steers and bullocks firm, vealers and yearlings were 5-10c cheaper while cows were firm to 5 cents easier.

 BULLS:  Sold at 9am  Auctioneer Liam Durcan

A small yarding of Bulls sold to softer demand with prices easing 5-8 cents a kilo selling from 215 cents a kilo to 235 cents a kilo.

 BULLOCKS:  Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan & Liam Durcan

A very good quality run of 571 bullocks and steers with a very good representation of beef and dairy types.  Heavy steers and bullocks were fully firm at 268-282c.  Beef dairy x steers 230-258c and Frs steers 218-235c or 2-4c easier.

Quotations:  A great run with good numbers of all types in the MWJ run.   NB & BJ Baker’s MG steers 270c 550kg $1485.  The great shape of KJ & MJ Mountford’s Sim x steers attracted strong competition 273c 590kg $1611.  JK & MJ Cleaver prime Ang steers 273c 596kg $1627.  Heavy Jap ox A/c Roxley Park 276c 708kg $1954 while Reg Edwards & Son Ang x ox 275c 722kg $1985.  A great run of Frs steers saw JK & MJ Cleaver 24 Frs 227c 652kg $1481 and D Gellion’s 235c 587kg $1379.

 YOUNG CATTLE:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan and Scott Miller

A large run of young cattle saw some good quality vealers offered.  The vealers sold to softer competition to be 5-10c back on last week.  Best steer vealers 270-310c with heifer vealers 268-305c/kg.  More yearling heifers came forward with heavy heifers over 500kg 245-262c/kg.  Trade heifers 248-257c/kg.

Quotations:  R & J Mickel Her heifers 16 @ 255c 536kg $1369 and 13 @ 258c 518kg $1338.  FW & ME Uphill’s Shn  x 28 @ 254c/kg to $1205.  D Gellion’s Ang x heifers 257c 460kg $1182.  NB & BJ Baker MG steers 270c 477kg $1288.  Heavy Sim x vealers A/c Fourwinds 303c 490kg $1484 and S Rathjen 303c 450kg $1365 and heifers 281c 428kg $1204.

COWS:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Liam Durcan & Andrew Whan

A good quality run of cows sold at rates firm to 5c easier.  A feature of the sale was the big weights on offer.  Medium/heavy cows 210-232c with light cows 185-208c. 

Quotations:  Outstanding Poll Her cows A/c Hillside saw 21 @ 227c 752kg $1707 and 16 @ 227c 696kg $1581.  Belgrave Her cows 221c 657kg $1453.  JL & JS Fartch Ang Frs x cows 216c 619kg $1338.

SHEEP AND LAMBS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Scott Miller and Liam Durcan.

15,025 sheep sold, 1015 less than last week.  Another excellent yarding of premium lambs.  There was an abundance of weight and good quality skins on show throughout the sale, combined with a large buyers gallery consisting of numerous export lambs order, the two supermarkets, trade and wholesale orders and a multitude of restockers.  The market sold firm slightly cheaper to firm with the Lower South East region in the spotlight for buyers wanting to secure fresh killable lambs.  Export lambs 26 to 30kg made $186 to $214 and 24 to 26kg at $169 to $187.  Great momentum considering the first pen of the day sold in the MWJ run at $190.  22 to 24kg supermarket lambs were $148 to $169 and 20 to 22kg at $138 to $158, all being $1-2 cheaper.  18 to 20kg trades were $138 to $145 and score 3 16 to 18kg light lambs $120 to $134.  Restockers were $96 to $129 with some 1st x ewe lambs up to $164.

Quotations:  A/c Day & Stevens 27 @ $190 and 16 @ $165.  A/c Mitchell, Barr & James, Slarks and Carrison lambs @ $150.  A/c Bassendean Farm approx 1265L from $96 to $132



A large very good quality yarding of over 3800 cattle were offered last week.  Many good drafts of local weaners sold to strong competition from mainly local and Western Victorian restockers with feedlot competition of the heavier drafts.  Most weaner steers 320kg+ made 340-375c/kg $1100-$1250.  Light steers again sold very well $950-$1100.  Heavier spring drop heifers $1020-$1150 or 265-280c/kg, while weaner heifers sold very well $950-$1110 295-340c/kg.

Quotations: The Pratt Family’s , Mumbannar, Annuual draft of 165 Weeran blood Ang steers sold to repeat buyers averaging $1165.  ER & GF Flint’s SHN steers $1180-$1310.  Heavy Her heifers A/c Belgrave Pastoral 15 @ $1165 and 22 @ $1000, while Lal Lals Ang wnr heifers $1110.


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