Glenburnie Livestock Report 14/2/18

Less numbers as cattle prices are struggling again as dry conditions prevail.  Prices for cows and bullocks eased also.  The young cattle tumbled due to weaker demand from feedlots and restockers.  More plain, inferior bred cattle yarded.  One bright spot was fresh young B muscled vealers selling over $3 per kg.  Bullocks topped 272c, mainly 235c to 255c.  Vealers topped 310c, mainly 250c to 285c.  Beef cows topped 215c, mainly 190c to 210c.

BULLS:  Sold at 9am Auctioneer Liam Durcan

A larger run of bulls sold to firm demand with heavy sound bulls making from 200c to a market top of 240c/kg with a pen of dairy bulls making 190c/kg.

Quotations:  A/c KG Feast & Son 1 Ang bull 220c 895c returned $1969.00    A/c RA, SM & AR Cameron sold 4 Angus bulls to 230c 935kg $2150.50.  A/c DJ & TA Fiebig sold 5 Friesian bulls 190c avg 815kg $1548.50.

HEAVY STEERS & BULLOCKS:    Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan & Liam Durcan

485 bullocks yarded with less quality bullocks.  Prices eased 2 to 5 cents due mainly to lack of quality.  Dairy steers again sold under the two dollar mark. 

Quotations:  A/c WE & GJ Lambert Hereford x bullocks 248c $1799.55.  A/c KJ & MJ Mountford 13 Hereford Angus x bullocks 258c $1385.28.  Angus bullocks 254c $1357.63.

YOUNG CATTLE:    Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Peter Creek & Scott Miller

637 yearlings and vealers yarded this week saw mixed results depending on breed and quality.  Generally prices eased as more plainer and inferior bred cattle were yarded.  Best of the yearling steers sold to 310c, mainly 250c to 260c.  Best vealers 310c, mainly 270c to 290c.

Quotations:  A/c LT & DJ Cooper, Kingston, Angus x yearling steers 267c $1415.10.  A/c Mt Eccles Partners 14 outstanding completely grass fed yearling heifers 258c $1116.77.  A/c JL Lockwood grass fed Angus heifers 222c $1098.90.  A/c Douglas & Lockett, Mil Lel Simmental x steer vealers 290c $1413.75 with the sisters 270c $1154.25.  A/c RC Cowland, Dartmoor 22 Angus x steer vealers made to 282c to avg $1172.88.  A/c PC & SL Woolston Limousin vealers 290c $1241.20 with their sisters 275c $998.25.  A/c CM Thomson dairy steers 175c $587.60.

COWS:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Liam Durcan & Peter Creek

406 cows yarded.  Quality improved with a better selection of well finished heavy weights on offer in a solid sale.  Best cows sold to 215c, mainly 190c to 210c.  Plain lightweight cows 120c to 160c.

Quotations:      A/c Reg Edwards & Son, Mt Schank Hereford cows 208c $1411.94.  A/c KG Feast & Son Hereford x cows 207c $1307.33.  A/c Hillside Holding a run of 42 Hereford x cows made to 210c $1401.75, also 28 Angus cows sold to 209c $1396.28.  A/c RS Cameron 15 Angus cows 204c $1283.84, also 8 light weights 195c $1089.51.  A/c Ruthven Partners Angus cows 208c $1622.40.

SHEEP AND LAMBS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Scott Miller and Liam Durcan.

2481 sheep sold, 80 more than last week.  Another very mixed yarding with a small group of buyers in attendance.  In a softer market values were $4 to $5 cheaper on export lambs, fully firm on trade types while restockers were restricted on opportunities with score 3 store types firm and smaller lambs $4 to $5 cheaper.  Best export lambs 24 to 26kg sold from $145 to $160.  All heavy trade lambs 22 to 24kg, while short in numbers, sold to firm demand at $135 to $142.  Medium trade weights 18 to 20kg had the benefit of wholesalers and restockers interests and sold from $115 to $128.  12 to 16kg lambs were $40 to $91 with only small runs to choose from.

Quotations:  A/c AW & BF Heinrich 167 shorn trade lambs @ $116 and a following run of 87 lambs forward store @ $104.



A yarding of 2419 cattle saw solid competition at new rates.  Seasonal conditions plus additional feedlot enquiry prompted the initial heavy Ang pens to sell from $1150 to $1260 for 400 to 460kg or $2.70 to $2.90/kg.  An excellent example was A/c JG & CK Clarke with 47 Ang steers from 390 to 429kg at $1120 to $1220.  Smaller, well bred Ang steers from 370 to 400kg sold from $1000 to $1160.  ME & GY Thompson had 14 Ang steers 413kg $1215, a sale feature.  A/c Ruthven Property Dispersal complimented the Ang breed with 33 Ang steers at $1000 to $1120, selling to local restockers, also A/c RI & JM Telford 10 Ang steers, very quiet cattle, $1160 sold to feedlot purchasers.  The Her and coloured section was outstanding for breed and frame with 350 to 400kg Euro types at $1000 to $1100.  A/c Kent Props featured 99 Euro steers from $890 to $1100, with two feedlot orders majoring in purchases.  The Ang and Her heifer section sold to strong demand, be it at new levels, under current conditions.  The sale highlight was Ruthven 45 tops of the drop Ang heifers 340 to 360kg at $1190 with four bidders trying to purchase for future breeding.  The majority of heifers selling from $700 to $900 for 240 to 300kg.  Small heifers were $560 to $700.



672 yarded.  Agents yarded a complimentary yarding of F1 females with CAF, PTIC and unmated pens, also beef cows were represented.  Highlighting the sale were Ang Frs and Her Frs heifers with CAF from $2000 to $2600 being fully firm on last years sale.  A/c M Phillips 5x5 Ang Frs heifers CAF $2600.  A/c MW & MM Patzel 8x8 Ang Frs x heifers CAF $2600.  A/c Barr & James 11x11 Ang Frs x heifers, Lim CAF $2500.  Aged Ang Frs x cows PTIC sold from $1580 to $1720.  A/c Kent Props was a herd dispersal, yarding approx 60 PTIC Her Frs x heifers from $1650 to $1800.  All these units sold to firm demand, all from local enquiry.  Following the F1 MWJ sold A/c Reg Edwards & Son a run of 32 Her cows 5th calvers PTIC from $1260 to $1530, selling to Upper South East enquiry.  Finally, unmated heifers sold from $950 to $1400 with a premium pen A/c MW & MM Patzel 10 Ang Frs x heifers at $1400.



  •  40 AI Bred Friesian Cows PTIC to Calve from 9th February to AI then followed up by Angus Bulls 2nd-5th Calvers  For further information contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892.  
  • 5 Marama pups, 5 weeks old.  Phone 87372731.


ABN 76 052 972 988 RLA 65651

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