Glenburnie Livestock Report 31/10/18

Numbers increased with the majority of the yarding consisting of grass fed yearling heifers and prime bullocks.  More milk vealers came forward to a larger field of trade and export processor buyers along with strong restocker orders.  Bullocks showed excellent finish and sold fully firm to a top of 295c a kilo.  More milk vealers came forward and topped at 330c a kg.  Cows eased in price along with other selling centres.

BULLS:  Sold at 9am Auctioneer Liam Durcan.     

A better quality yarding of bulls sold to improved rates with prices lifting 5 to 8c per kg with heavy sound bulls making from 200 to 220c per kg.

Quotations:  A/c Peucker Farms 1 Her bull 220c 1185kg returned $2607.00.  A/c Belgrave Pastoral Co 1 Her bull 220c 1045kg $2299.00

BULLOCKS: Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan and Liam Durcan.  

621 bullocks yarded with many pens carrying good weights with prices fully firm on an improved quality yarding.  Plainer steers eased 5 to 8 per kg due mainly to yield.  Most dairy steers 200 to 220c per kg.

Quotations:  A/c Jadamar 12 prime young Angus bullocks 295c $1639.71.  A/c Reg Edwards & Son 10 Angus x bullocks 292c $2121.38.  A/c GK Davidson, Willalooka 81 outstanding Poll Hereford young bullocks made to a top of 295c to average $1806.  A pat on the back to Garry.  A/c KJ & MJ Mountford 11 Angus x bullocks 287c $2080.75.  A/c Nacooma Estate Angus bullocks 292c $2169.14.  A/c KP & LR Willsmore Friesian steers 205c $988.86.

YOUNG CATTLE:    Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Peter Creek and Scott Miller.     

648 yearling and vealers yarded.  In recent weeks the quality in grass fed yearlings has improved greatly as many pens of well finished cattle in prime condition are presented.  These sold to 295c for steers and 286c for heifers.  More vealers came to hand with heavy weight vealers selling at dearer rates.  Plain, inferior bred vealers eased.  Best vealers topped at 330c with many pens of plainer types 250 to 282c per kg.

Quotations:  A/c Peucker Farms 16 Poll Hereford heifers 280c $1459.50.  A/c Stillwater Holding 20 prime CH x grass fed yearling heifers 286c $1309.17.  A/c M O’Leary 7 Angus steer yearlings 295c $1424.43.  A/c M & B Hamill 7 Angus x heifers 270c $1305.64.  A/c DJ Gellion 13 Angus x heifers 268c $1099.83.

COWS:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Liam Durcan and Andrew Whan.             

240 cows yarded and met easing trends with prices easing up to 10c per kg.  Most beef cows 200 to 218c per kg.  Dairy cows 170 to 200c per kg.  Light choppers 120c per kg.

Quotations: A/c M & S Thomson Angus cows 215c $1491.56.  A/c Hillside Holdings a run of 67 Angus and Angus x cows sold to 212c per kg to average $1192.33.  A/c LA Mason sold cows at 209c $1274.90.  A/c J & K Peel 12 Angus x cows 208c $1254.93.

SHEEP AND LAMBS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Scott Miller and Liam Durcan.  

5782 sheep sold, 3779 more than last week.  Lambs sold to softer competition compared to last weeks very animated and dear sale.  The quality of the yarding was very good, but all lambs fell $30 to $40.  Best export lambs 26 to 30kg were $179 to $205 while 24 to 26kg lambs were $152 to $177.  Trade weight lambs from 22 to 24kg were $152 to $160.  Restockers took advantage of the lull in the market with purchases from $121 to $136.  Medium trades at 18 to 22kg sold from $130 to $143.  Young immature lambs were $75 to $116.  Old lambs sold from $100 to $145, while ewes sold from $91 to $102.

Quotations: A/c Wendy Earl 171 lambs from $146 to $192.  A/c PC & CA Feast 290 lambs from $132 to $170.  A/c PC & SL Woolston 83 lambs $149.





  •  3 Limousin Bulls rising 3 y/o. $3,000 + GST. Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892
  • Young Angus bulls, ideal for heifers $1750 + GST. Contact Peter Creek 0428 838 332
  • 1 ½ y.o. Border Leicester Rams $715 GST Inc. Contact Scott Miller 0427 799 407
  • Border Leicester & White Suffolk Rams, Brucellosis free, Lambplan tested $700 + GST. Contact Mike Newton 0417 812 312
  • 250 5 ½ y.o Merino ewes October shorn M&TS, Canowie blood, 21-22 micron $135 + GST.  Contact Mike Newton 0417 812 312


  • Joined Friesian Heifers from detectable to 4 months in calf. Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892




173 Johnston Road, OB Flat (approx. 5.6Ha). Panoramic views, solid 4 bedroom home, fully enclosed observatory overlooking vineyards.  Expressions of Interest close 4.30pm on Monday November 19th 2018
Contact Scott Miller 0427 799 407 or Garry Hardy 0488 055 924


150 Acres of grazing/cropping land fronting Tantanoola/Kongorong Road. $615,000.

Contact Andrew Whan 0427 799 406



ABN 76 052 972 988 RLA 65651

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