Glenburnie Livestock Report 3/7/2019

The first yarding for the new financial year saw 724 cattle sold.  Bullocks and yearlings remained similar to last week with cows increasing with the usual buying group present.  Bullocks saw an improvement in quality which led to a lift in prices, with most bullocks selling between 278c to 316c per kg.  Young cattle prices eased due to quality, or the lack of.  Yearling steers 255c to 310c per kg with heifers 210c to 297c per kg.  Cow numbers increased with an excellent run of prime, empty cows selling to strong competition for all grades.  The price of all cows sold 10 to 15 cents per kg dearer than last week.  Best of the cows sold to 260c to a top of 272c per kg.  Light chopper cows still sold at 120c to 170c per kg.  Best dry Friesian cows sold to 220c.

BULLS:  Sold at 9am by Auctioneer Liam Durcan

BULLOCKS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan and Liam Durcan.

140 bullocks yarded.  Quality and weight improved along with prices.  Best Angus bullocks sold to 316c, with young steers purchased by feedlotters making to 320c per kg.  Manufacturing dairy steers sold to 235c per kg.

Quotations: Circelli & Whittaker, Wandilo, 12 Angus bullocks 308c $1810.78.  Nacooma Estate, Hamilton, Angus x bullocks 308c $2200.28.

YOUNG CATTLE:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Peter Creek and Scott Miller.   

262 yearlings and vealers yarded.  Again the yarding was very mixed for quality and breed.  Best grass fed steers sold to 310c per kg, heifers to 297c per kg.  A few milk vealers yarded topped 320c per kg.

Quotations:  RW & CJ Merrett, Mingbool, grass fed Angus heifers 262c $1328.34.  J & E Craig, Casterton, grass fed Hereford heifers 275c $1237.50.  OW & CC Patzel, Mt Schank, Simmental x yearling heifers 297c $1247.00.

COWS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Liam Durcan and Andrew Whan.

318 cows yarded.  A strong cow sale was the highlight of the day with cows 10 to 15c dearer for all classes of cows.  Angus cows topped the market at 272c per kg.  A good run of cows sold from 245 to 266c per kg.  Dairy cows sold to 220c, light chopper cows 120 to 170c per kg.

Quotations:  Dromore Park Friesian cows 220c $1368.50.  Barr & James, Heywood, 15 lighter Angus x cows 157c $664.24.  OW & CC Patzel, Mt Schank, 8 Angus x cows 225c $1260.00.  TW & DL Flint, Kingston, 7 Shorthorn x cows 240c $1258.29.  KJ & MJ Mountford, Penola, 7 Sim x cows 265c $1629.75.  RW & CJ Merrett, Mingbool, Angus cows 260c $1475.50.

SHEEP AND LAMBS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Scott Miller and Liam Durcan.  

1373 sheep and lambs sold, 384 more than last week.  The increased yarding saw a better quality yarding on trade and export lambs.  There was also stronger competition from resellers on suitable lines.  Exporters rewarded vendors for weight with 30 to 34kg lambs selling up to $275.  The bulk of the heavier lambs were 24 to 26kg at $208 to $215.  Trade lambs 20 to 22kg were $185 to $190.  Medium trades at 18 to 20kg selling from $160 to $181.  Wholesalers purchased lambs 16 to 18kg at $120 to $140 with restockers bidding from $76 to $110 on shorn later drop lambs.

Quotations:  GW Little 24 lambs @ $181.  Cyclone Trust lambs from $157 to $185.  Bassendean Farms 138 stores from $42 to $99. 



  FRIDAY, 12th JULY 2019 AT 10AM

*Highbury Trading, Mumbannar (Property Sold) will yard a run of Ang cows with

 Ang CAF running back with Ang bulls since 1/6/19.  Details to follow. 

Enquiries Andrew Whan 0427 799 406



Unjoined Frn Heifers 200kg+ $1300 + GST.  Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892.


Chamberlain Tractor front end loader. Ideal for loading hay. Not registered. $15,000 + GST.   Contact Peter Creek 0428 838 332.

3x 2y.o Simmental Bulls, Tugulawa Blood. $3,000 + GST.  Contact Peter Creek 0428 838 332.   


FOR SALE – 26 Barnoolut Road, Moorak - $650,000

A private and tranquil lifestyle only minutes from town fronting both Carpenter Rocks and Barnoolut Roads on 30.55Ha (approx. 75 acres).  3 bedroom homestead, quality shedding, orchard, vegetable garden, woodlot.  Numerous plantations of native trees.  All well fenced and watered. 

Contact Andrew Whan 0427 799 406 

FOR SALE – Dingley Dell Road, Port MacDonnell - Industrial Land

Lot 1:  $150,000 - 1.006ha, fronting Riddoch Highway and Dingley Dell Rd. Lot 2: $220,000 -  2.559ha, fronting Dingley Dell Road. Selling as a whole or 2 separate lots.

Contact Andrew Whan 0427 799 406


ABN 76 052 972 988 RLA 65651

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