Glenburnie Livestock Report 6/12/17

Christmas Markets

Last Market will be Monday 18th December 2017

Markets Resume 9am Wednesday 3rd January 2018

 1730 cattle yarded with the usual buying group present and operating in a solid market. Easing trends on yearlings and milk vealers. Heavy weight bullocks and cows remained fully firm. The best milk vealers were of excellent quality, presented in fresh condition with “B” Muscle which sold 5c to 8c easier. Best heavy bullocks sold 252c to 280c, young bullocks sold to 276c, manufacturing steers sold from 230c to 250c. Vealer steers sold 305c to 325c while vealer heifers sold 270c to 288c, grassfed Angus heifers sold to 260c, cows 220c to 235c.

BULLS:  Sold at 9am  Auctioneer Liam Durcan

Bulls sold to firm demand with prices on par with the previous week with heavy sound bulls selling from 220c/kg to 245c/kg with one isolated sale to 260 cents per kg.

 Quotations:  A/c K Nobes 1 Limo 243c 1030kg $2502.90.  A/c J Jones 1 Lim 238c 1005kg $2391.90.

 BULLOCKS:  Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan & Liam Durcan

527 bullocks in another excellent quality run of prime bullocks carrying weight.  Most bullocks lifted 5 cents selling between 262c to 280c.  Manufacturing dairy steers sold 230c to 252c. 

Quotations: A/c Hillside Partners 54 dehorned Hereford bullocks sold to 276c $1909.28.  A/c Reg Edwards & Son 10 Angus bullocks 270c $1931.85.  A/c DH & CL Rose 17 Angus bullocks 280c $2025.88 (market top).  A/c PR & PL Walker 21 Angus x bullocks 272c $2088.96.  A/c WE & TA Wallace 10 dairy x steers 252c $1590.12.  A/c DS & HR Glynn 7 Friesian x steers 265c $1533.21.

YOUNG CATTLE:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan and Scott Miller

982 yearlings and vealers yarded, mainly vealers.  Most vealers eased 5 to 8 cents, steers selling between 287c to 315c.  Vealer heifers 270c to 320c.   Light weights grassfed yearling steers remained firm or 215c to 277c.  Heifers were also equal 250c to 272c.

Quotations:  A/c R & J Mickel 10 Angus Hereford x heifers 266c $1643.88.  A/c BJ & NB Baker 20 Lindsay Murray Grey heifers 265c $1365.90.  A/c KJ & CM Nobes Limousin x steers 266c $1352.77.  A/c JI & GS Smith  Simmental steer vealers 305c $1369.45.  The sisters 278c $1135.17.  A/c M & M Patzel Limousin x vealers 304c $1231.20.  A/c WE & TA Wallace Simmental x heifer vealers 282c $1190.04.

 COWS:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Liam Durcan & Andrew Whan

210 cows yarded in another solid cow sale with all export processors operating.  Lightweight chopper cows 180c to 210c, medium frame beef cows 218c to 230c and heavy clean beef cows 230c to 240c.

Quotations:  A/c A Crozier Ch cows 232c $1461.60.  A/c Greenbanks Past Co 27 Hereford cows made 228c $1372.89.  A/c CA & KS Black Angus x cows 222c $1568.80.  A/c AJ & MS Reichelt Angus cows 230c $1615.75.  A/c L Jones Angus cows 230c $1909.

SHEEP AND LAMBS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Scott Miller and Liam Durcan.

16041 sheep sold, 1204 more than last week.  An impressive yarding of good quality lambs with every weight represented in good numbers, albeit light lambs which were hunted and restricted restockers with strong demand from wholesalers on 14 to 16kg types at $111 to $117.  At the extreme end export lambs 30kg plus were from $208 to $215 and 26kg to 30kg $178 to $208, all being $8 dearer.  Along with the regular buyers extra orders from the two supermakets made 24kg to 26kg lambs jump by $10 to $14 or $161 to $190.  The frenzy continued throughout the trade weights with 20kg to 24kg at $130 to $170 and 18kg to 20kg from $130 to $148, all up by $6.

Quotations:  A/c PF & BA Burchard 132L from $164 to $180.  A/c DA & LF Firth 254L from $162 to $174.  A/c Bassendean Farms 1150L from $111 to $171.  A/c W Earl 21L @ $169.  A/c Barr & James 22L @ $145.  A/c G Mitchell 30L @ $149.  A/c J Glynn 13L $138.  A/c S & S Oliver 87L @$138, A/c DA & LF Firth 18 shn hgts $130.


 FOR SALE:  45 5x4 rolls pasture hay $45/roll + GST.  .  Contact Scott Miller ph 0427 799 407.




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Auction 9th Dec 17 11am (SA) at Royal Oak Hotel Penola

307.2HA/759.1 Acres approx. To be sold as a whole or in 2 contingent lots 

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