Glenburnie Market Report 19/09/2018

A large yarding of cattle come forward with the largest field of buyers this spring. Prices lost the gain of last week’s prices. Bullocks 270 to 315c per kg, grassfed yearlings steers 270 to 314c per kg, grassfed yearling heifers 265 to 290c per kg and cows 228 to 248c per kg.

BULLS:  Sold at 9am Auctioneer Liam Durcan.     

A small yarding of bulls sold to firm demand making from 190 to 230c per kg.

HEAVY STEERS & BULLOCKS: Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan and Liam Durcan.  

365 bullocks yarded with an excellent run of prime bullocks and manufacturing steers with best Angus Bullocks selling to 315c per kg. Although prices struggled to maintain the highs of last week, many pens returned over $1800 mark.

Quotations:  A/c JL & NS Fartch 12 Angus Bullocks 305c $1932.94. A/c Moreland Holdings 17 Angus Bullocks 303c $2063.96. A/c Reg Edwards & Son 9 Angus Bullocks 295c $2117.44. A/c KJ & EA Clarke 13 Hereford Bullocks 292c $1873.29.

YOUNG CATTLE:    Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Peter Creek and Scott Miller.     

430 yearlings and vealers yarded in a very mixed yarding. Prices remained equal for well-bred good quality young cattle. Light plain inferior cattle sold again cheaper. Grassfed yearling steers 270 to 314c per kg with grassfed yearling heifers 260 to 290c per kg. Best vealers 315c per kg and light weight claves $150 to $500 per head.

Quotations:  A/c Bourke Property Trust 9 Angus Heifers 262c $1477.39. A/c Hoare and Duff 11 Angus Heifers 285cd $1276.02. A/c Hillside 12 Angus Hereford X Heifers 290c $1309.83 and Simental Grassfed Heifers 293c $1347.80. A/c DF, NJ & CD Stuchbery Char X Heifers 266c $1110.55. A/c KJ & MJ Mountford 10 Hereford Heifers 285c $1178.48. A/c HL Robertson Ang Heifers 268c $1072.00.  

COWS:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Liam Durcan and Andrew Whan.           

220 cows yarded. Good beef cows remained firm with the best beef cows selling to 248c per kg. Most beef cows sold between 228 and 238c per kg with light chopper cows 120 to 200c per kg and dairy cows 195c per kg.

Quotations: Friesian Cows 195c $1230.94. A/c KJ & MJ Mountford young Angus X Cows 242c $1560.90. A/c RK & SM Johnson Dehorned Hereford Cows 240c $1597.33. A/c Merna 19 Ang Cows 232c $1473.20. A/c Hillside 6 Hereford Cows 222c $1191.40. A/c GA & HJ Allen Sim X Cow 225c $1158.75. A/c DF, NJ & CD Stuchbery Char X Cows 222 $1265.40.

SHEEP AND LAMBS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Scott Miller and Liam Durcan.  

1079 sheep and lambs sold, same as last week. Another mixed yarding with small and steady flow of new seasons suckers. The majority of the yarding was shorn trade lambs from 16 to 18kg selling from $104 to $145. Heavier lambs 20 to 22kg were $155 to $165 and an odd heavier lamb for $165 to $180. New seasons suckers sold very well from $160 to $224. Added competition on mutton saw strong results with heavy XB Ewes selling up to $150.


A very mixed yarding of 1487 cattle came forward with some good quality drafts and more clean up lines of cattle. Very few heavy cattle penned with most cattle being 330kg or less. Best quality steers sold at rates near equal to last month but secondary or off bred types did struggle at times. Better steers 300 to 360kg 285 to 300c per kg or $900 to $1100. Light types $680 to $800. Friesian steers struggled to find competition $280 to $420. The few pens of cows and calves were good value, if you had feed at 1050 to $1650. The heifer quality didn’t match recent sales and the heifers made 200 to 240c per kg or $540 to $730.

Quotations: HL Robertson’s Ang Steers $1050. A/c IJ & VK Freebairn quality Ang X Steers $1020. A/c Hillside Poll Hereford Steers met strong demand $1080 and $940. A/c VA Wallis 20 Ang Heifers $700.





Lot 9 McCabes Lane, Moorak “McFarlanes”. Outstanding 81 acres (approx.) of High Quality Grazing land situated close to Mount Gambier.  AUCTION 5/10/18 at 10.30am on Property.
Contact Andrew Whan 0427 799 406.


Strathdownie Land – containing 2 separate titles. Shirley’s - approx. 179 Acres and Front Block – approx. 171 Acres. Expressions of Interest close 4pm on Wednesday 10th October 2018
Contact Scott Miller 0427 799 407.


150 Acres of grazing/cropping land fronting Tantanoola/Kongorong Road. $615,000.

Contact Andrew Whan 0427 799 406


Water Licence available up to 200 megs in 2A Zone.

Contact Peter Creek 0428 838 332


ABN 76 052 972 988 RLA 65651

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