Glenburnie Market Report 21/11/2018

The good rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday was well received with recordings generally of over ½ an inch most welcome. Numbers were similar this week with 1760 yarded. Again the bullock and heavy steer quality was very good, as were the yearling steers and heifers. A full field of buyers operated, with a greater percentage of heavy cattle heading north.

 ** Producers are reminded to check their cattle consignments for ear tags on their properties. Replacement emergency tags are expensive! **

BULLS:  Sold at 9am Auctioneer Liam Durcan.     

A small yarding of bulls sold to firm demand with heavy sound bulls making between 210 and 228c per kg.

Quotations:  A/c M. Aarts 1 Ang Bull 222c 1005kg $2331.10. A/c ER & GF Flint 1 SH Bull 810kg $1798.20. A/c SS & JA Robertson 1 Sim Bull 835kg $1853.70.

HEAVY STEERS & BULLOCKS: Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan and Liam Durcan.   

The bullocks were again a feature of the days yarding with pen after pen of prime heavy steers and bullocks. Competition was very solid with all major exporters and trade buyers keen to secure their shares. Prices were at least fully firm to dearer especially for the 500-600kg steers with 0-2 dentition. Best heavy steers 279 to 296c per kg, Jap Ox 265 to 290c per kg. Dairy Cross Steers 238 to 256c per kg. A good run of Frn Steers 198 to 216c per kg.

Quotations:  Prime Angus Steers were a feature of the MWJ run. A/c Roxley Park 24 Ang X Ox 288c returned $1760.00. A/c Rocks Road Holdings Ang Steers 288c $1836.00. A/c Quickmix 36 Ang Ox 279c 658kg $1836.00 and $2075.00. A/c KJ & MJ Mountford Ang X Ox 284c $2008.00. An outstanding run of Pill Her Ox A/c Reg Edwards & Son 274c 726kg $1989.00. Quality pens of Frs Steers A/c DA & LF Firth 216c 652kg $1409.00 and A/c JK & MJ Cleaver 213c $1297.00.

YOUNG CATTLE:    Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Peter Creek and Scott Miller.      

Some mixed results in the young cattle offering with trade steer and heifers selling at fully firm rates, but vealers (that lacked the quality of last week) selling at rates 5 to 8c per kg easier. Trade steers 272 to 298c per kg, heavy heifers 240 to 262c per kg, trade heifers 242 to 268c per kg. Best steer vealers 270 to 294c per kg with vealer heifers 245 to 272c per kg.

Quotations:  The quality pens of yearling heifers sold well in the MWJ run. A/c ER & GF Flints SH Heifers 252c 516kg $1300.00. A/c JF & JL Kitschke Poll Her Heifers 255c 508kg $1295.00. Prime MG Heifers A/c B. Baker topped the yearling run 268c 488kg $1310.00 and 258c 437kg $1128.00. A/c PF & BD Burchard’s CH X Heifers 255c 470kg $1198.00. A/c ML Day Lim Heifer vealers 255c 371kg $946.00.  

COWS:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Liam Durcan and Andrew Whan.             

There was a strong competition for all classes of cows. Heavy cows made 194 to 222c per kg, with light types 140 to 190c per kg. Cows were 2 to 6c per kg dearer.

Quotations: Poll Hereford Cows A/c JF & JL Kitschke 218c 663kg $1446.00 and 210c 552kg $1160.00. A/c RK & SM Johnson, Warrensville Blood Poll Hereford Cows 214c 706kg $1511.00 and Hereford Cows A/c Belgrave 213c 620kg $1320.00.

SHEEP AND LAMBS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Scott Miller and Liam Durcan.  

7422 sheep and lambs sold, 343 less than last week. Numbers were greatly altered due to the rainfall, initial estimates were more. Those who braved the conditions were rewarded with the buyer’s gallery bidding strongly on all types. The early drafts of premium lambs held prices up throughout the sale. Export lambs 24 to 26kg were $180 to $196 and extra heavies 26 to 30kg $198 to $236 all being frim to $1 to $3 dearer. Trade lambs 20 to 24kg held to fully firm rates at $152 to $180. Medium trades 18 to 20kg were $140 to $150 or at $3 dearer. 16 to 18kg light trade lambs were sourced heavily by Wholesalers and one primary exporter at $132 to $138. Restockers with purchases of lambs from 12 to 16kg spent $101 to $132. Best XB Hoggets sold to $115 and heavy XB Ewes up to $125.

Quotations: A/c GR & ED Warren heavy lambs at $180. A/c S & S Oliver Enterprises 148 fresh trade lambs from $152 to $168.

THE MONTHLY STORE CATTLE SALE  ON 14th DECEMBER 2018 COMMENCING AT 10AM WILL CONSIST OF MANY QUALITY ANNUAL DRAFTS OF WEANERS. MWJ WILL OFFER: A/c Highbury 200 Angus Steer Weaners . A/c Hillside 120 Poll Hereford Steer Weaners.  A/c Dunorer 80 Charolais X mixed sex Weaners


3 Limousin Bulls rising 3 y/o. $3,000 + GST. Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892

2 Registered Frn Bulls, rising 2 y/o. $1800 + GST. Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892

Border Leicester & White Suffolk Rams, Brucellosis free, Lambplan tested $700 + GST. Contact Mike Newton 0417 812 312


Joined Friesian Heifers from detectable to 4 months in calf. Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892

Un-joined Friesian Heifers 200kg Plus. China Protocols Apply. Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892


FOR SALE- $665,000

173 Johnston Road, OB Flat (approx. 5.6Ha). Panoramic views over surrounding areas back to the Southern rim of the Blue Lake, solid 4 bedroom home, fully enclosed observatory overlooking vineyards. Two large Implement sheds with power and high clearance doors, property equipped with bore, rainwater, town supply.
Contact Scott Miller 0427 799 407 or Garry Hardy 0488 055 924

FOR SALE $615,000

150 Acres of grazing/cropping land fronting Tantanoola/Kongorong Road.

Contact Andrew Whan 0427 799 406


ABN 76 052 972 988 RLA 65651

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