Glenburnie Market Report 28/02/18

Quality increased but more importantly so did competition from the full field of export, domestic and feedlot buyers. The slightly smaller yarding of 879 saw better quality in the bullocks, yearlings and cows. Prices were 5-8c per kg dearer across all classes.

BULLS:  Sold at 9am Auctioneer Liam Durcan

A smaller yarding sold to softer demand with heavy sound bulls making from 180c per kg to a market top of 218c per kg.

Quotations:  A/c Boonaroo 1 Ang Bull 216c 1100kg $2376.00.

HEAVY STEERS & BULLOCKS:    Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan & Liam Durcan.  

Although the yarding of bullocks this week was smaller, the quality improved generally with fewer secondary types penned. Competition was keener, with both exporters and trade buyers eager to secure their share. Young steers 0-2 tooth 250-270c per kg, Jap Ox 240-264c per kg. Manufacturing types 200-238c per kg, Frs steers 175-188c per kg.

Quotations:  Quality Ang x Ox A/c RE Brown 258c 407kg $1816.00 and Her Ox 248c 681kg $1689.00. A/c Reg Edwards & Son Ang x Ox 258c 628kg $1622.00.Young Steers A/c Glenford Partnership 252c 619kg $1560.00 and Seymour Park SH steers 251c 550kg $1380.00. One huge Ang Ox A/c I & M Mills 212c 1010kg $2141.00.

YOUNG CATTLE:    Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan & Liam Durcan.

A much reduced yarding of both vealers and yearlings. Trade and feedlotters competed strongly to secure numbers. Very few trade steers came forward, but the best trade heifers 400-480kg realised 244-278c per kg. Heavy heifers over 500kg 235-252c per kg. The smaller run of vealers saw steers 260-310c per kg, vealer heifers 248-278c per kg.

Quotations:  A/c Tugulawa Sim x Vealers A/c Douglass and Lockett saw steers 262-275c per kg $1078.00-$1110.00 and heifers same account 248-254c per kg or $1010.00. A/c IN & EM Mills Ang heifers 228c 645kg $1470.00.

COWS:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Liam Durcan & Scott Miller.

The cow run contained a good run of heavier beef cows. These met stronger competition being 2-4 cents dearer at 192-215c per kg, while light beef cows were fully firm 166-190c per kg.

Quotations:      A/c IN & EM Mills Ang Cows 202c 745kg $1504.00. A/c Glenford Partnership Her cows 202c 695kg $1403.00. A/c RK & SM Johnson Poll Her Cows 195c 620kg $1209.00.  

SHEEP AND LAMBS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Scott Miller and Liam Durcan.

2,387 sheep sold, 583 more than last week. The yarding increased this week, with increases in restocking lines. Heavier finished lambs were in short supply. These large offerings of forward store lambs saw restockers and wholesalers competing in a healthy market. Export lambs were scarce with 24-30kg lambs at $155-$170, selling at firm rates. Trade lambs 22-24kg also scarce, were from $1238-$145. The heaver end of forward store lambs 35-40kg sold $100-$124, smaller types were $31-$75.

Quotations:  A/c DA & LF Firth 345 large frame forward store lambs from $104 to $120 with a pen of 61 trade lambs making $128.  






96 Composite Ewes mixed age, Oct Shorn scanned in lamb to Dohne Rams to lamb 14/4/18 onwards $140 + GST, contact Andrew Whan 0427 799406


5 Maremma pups 5 weeks old.  Phone 87372731.


WANTED Export Heifers 


Friesian Heifers 200kg + China Protocols Apply. Friesian Heifers 240kg + Immediate Delivery . Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892.




ABN 76 052 972 988 RLA 65651

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