Glenburnie Market Report 5/12/2018

An increased yarding this week also saw an increase in the quality of most classes.  A large increase of over 500 saw 2787 penned.  The bullock yarding was again outstanding with all classes and weights well supplied.  The young cattle saw vealer prices improve 10-15 cents for steers and heifers more.  There are now two markets left prior to Christmas with the markets resuming 2nd January 2019.

BULLS:  Sold at 9am Auctioneer Liam Durcan.     

A smaller yarding of bulls eased 3-5c per kg making from 212 -228c.

Quotations:  A/c KJ & CM Nobes 1 Lim bull 219c 675kg $1478.25.

HEAVY STEERS & BULLOCKS: Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Andrew Whan and Liam Durcan.   

Simply an outstanding run of heavy steers and bullocks with all weights and grades offered.  Prices eased 5-8c per kg on last week, but with the excellent finish to the season the bullocks are weighing in the vendors favour.  Heavy steers 265-290c per kg.  Jap ox 260-285c per kg.  Frs and cross bred steers 180-226c per kg.

Quotations:  The MWJ run was a credit to our clients with pen after pen of outstanding quality bullocks.  Joy Cleaver 37 prime Ang steers topped the market at 290c 605kg $1756.  A/c PR & PL Walker Ang steers 281c 659kg $1852.  A/c DP Walker prime Ang ox 280c 779kg $2183.  A/c KJ & EA Clarke topped the Her ox with 10 @ 277c 730kg $2023.  A/c Nacooma Her ox 262c 752kg $1971 and Ang ox 279c 750kg $2094.  Prime 0-2 tooth steers A/c Bidese Holdings 277c 732kg $2029.

YOUNG CATTLE:    Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Peter Creek and Scott Miller.      

The vealer prices and quality improved this week.  After a month of disappointing prices the best heavy calves improved 12-18c per kg especially for heifer calves.  The best heavy Euro steer calves 285-304c per kg with heifers up to 294c.  The heavy grass heifers over 500kg continued to meet strong demand, often reaching steer rates at 255-274c per kg.  The trade steers 260-282c per kg while trade heifers realized 240-268c per kg.

Quotations:  A/c RP & TL Crowe outstanding Lim x milk vealers topped the MWJ run.  The steers made 300c per kg @ 470kg $1410 and heifers 290c 418kg $1214.18.  Heavy Her heifers A/c J & E Craig, Inverell 272c 547kg $1489.  A quality run of Ang heifers saw Rainbow Waters Ang x heifers 258c 419kg $1081 and A/c DA & LF Firth 253c 418kg.

COWS:     Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Liam Durcan and Andrew Whan.             

A much larger run of cows with quality being more mixed.  Cow prices were in line with other markets with prices back, up to 10c per kg.  The best quality medium/heavy beef cows 195-208c per kg.  Light cows to exporters and restockers 148-188c per kg.

Quotations: A/c Patanga Pastoral prime Santa x cows 205c 674kg $1382 and 197c 570kg $1123.  A/c AJ & MS Reichelt Ang cows 197c 725kg $1428 and A/c JG & CK Clarke 197c 679kg $1338.

SHEEP AND LAMBS:   Drafted & Presented by Auctioneer Scott Miller and Liam Durcan.  

15,735 sheep sold, 5292 more than last week.  The larger yarding gave a broad selection to the large field of buyers and numerous restocking orders, although some buyers were not active.  The yarding is still very fresh with export and trade lambs, with some good drafts presented.  The export end sold well, but with cheaper returns from $8 to $12 lower or $175 to $200 for 26 to 30kg and $200 to $208 for 30kg plus.  Heavy trades 24 to 26kg lambs were $159 to $180 and were well supplied, 22 to 24kg trades were from $148 to $165.  20 to 22kg trades sold at $142 to $154.  All these trade lambs presented well and sold accordingly with a fall of $4 to $6.  Lighter lambs attracted wholesalers and restocking orders from $96 to $125.  These also being cheaper from $5 to $8.

Quotations: A/c GC & RIK Reichelt 140 lambs from $158 to $182.  A/c Braelee Pastoral 427 lambs from $156 to $180.  A/c M & B Hamill 62 lambs from $165 to $185.  A/c Earlside 302 lambs from $150 to $178.  A/c PC & SL Woolston 180 lambs @ $149.  A/c S & S Oliver 74 lambs @ $139.



  • 4 White Suffolk Rams 3.5 yrs Castle Camps bred $200 +GST Contact Mike Newton 0417812312 


  • Joined Friesian Heifers from detectable to 4 months in calf. Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892
  • Un-joined Friesian Heifers 200kg Plus. China Protocols Apply. Contact Liam Durcan 0409 788 892


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